Ignite-TEK’s voice platform creates a rich automated buying experience that empowers and delights customers, improves compliance and creates better tools for marketers to optimize every step of the buying process.

In recent tests, 35% of inbound callers chose to speak to an automated agent rather than a live rep - resulting in overall higher conversion and RPO while decreasing net returns and cancels. Are you providing the optimal inbound experience for your customers?

Put customers in control of the inbound ordering experience and boost your KPIs. Our automated Voice Platform hand-holds each buyer through a targeted and personalized buying experience that guarantees customer satisfaction along with compliance on every call. Plus, marketers can utilize the platform to improve operations efficiencies such as reduce hold times, improve overflow management and let the platform serve as an automated fielding of customer service inquiries to keep live agents selling. Customers give more when they are given more, and Ignite’s Voice Platform helps facilitate more value out of every inbound interaction.

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Delight your customers by giving themcontrol of the buying experience.

Smart Routing keeps conversations flowing with seamless opt-out to live representatives.

To provide an optimal experience, the Ignite Smart Routing Platform keeps conversations flowing seamlessly with the option for customers to opt out of the automated speech platform and continue with a live agent. All information thus far collected during the call is kept and transferred to the live representative who will simply confirm all details up to the point of transfer, thereby eliminating any frustration to repeat the same information. No matter the experience your customer prefers at any point during the call, the Ignite Speech Platform continuously has them covered.

Cater more efficiently to your customer with best practices and multi-variate optimization.

Ignite’s Voice team is comprised of industry veterans who modeled a comprehensive list of best practices to ensure an ideal customer experience is provided out of the gate. Once the campaign is live, our team of programmers, writers, QA reps and more will evaluate every entry and exit point of the call flow via customer segmentation and call flow analysis. Using this data, Ignite creates a multi-level optimization strategy which pinpoints opportunities and creates new tests to improve conversion through script adjustments, call flow logic, pricing and upsell strategies, offer complexity analysis, customer drop-off surveys, post-sale returns, and more. Proprietary tools allow for continuous automated efficiency analysis that ultimately improves test deployment efforts and allows for dynamic offers at station level and more.

Get your campaign live faster along with instant access to the metrics that mean most.

Ignite boasts one of the fastest speeds to market in the industry with our turn-key implementation process which connects the dots between media buyers, production, fulfillment, customer care, operations and more to get your campaign running in no time. Plus, our real-time reporting interface provides comprehensive insights into the metrics that mean most including call volume, conversion, revenue per order, returns and more.

Combining technology and expertise for a better customer experience.


Seamless Live Agent Opt-Out keeps conversations flowing fluidly between automated platform and live agents to eliminate any buyer frustration.


Control every aspect of the conversation with a platform that stays in line with the script on every call.


40-60% of your consumers will choose to stay in the IVR. Empower your customer to take control of their inbound calling experience to build trust and increase conversion.


Status calls can account for north of 15% of your call volume, depending on the status of the product. Improve operational efficiencies with predictive customer routing to manage Order Status calls and keep live agents selling.