LucidVueCX is a large vocabulary speech recognition engine that digests free form inbound audio conversations and converts them into digital analytics for quick risk assessments.   LucidVueCX is a platform designed to provide a comprehensive view of keywords and phrases flowing through every-day customer calls, enabling users to quickly identify important calls while extracting competitive customer data.

  • Create a virtual focus group from your most nutrient rich data source – your contact center conversations.
  • Quickly find which calls indicate legal risks or compliance infractions to address problems before those problems find you.
  • View and analyze consumer brand feedback that could negatively impact brand experience.


IVR Inbound Speech Solutions

Ignite’s automated inbound speech solution provides clients with a comprehensive and technologically advanced service that handles, transcribes and transmits customer telephone orders at scale.  At only a fraction of the cost of live rep call centers and the ability to seamlessly opt-out to a live rep at any point within the call, the Ignite speech solution is a proven scalable solution to improve the customer buying experience.

  • Decision tree technology changes and optimizes the customer call path based upon a customer’s response to improve conversion and revenue opportunities.
  • Multilingual platform available 24/7 and can handle large TV advertising or other media launch events.
  • Real-time reporting provides immediate campaign insight and script optimization enhances performance while campaigns are live.