The Ignite-TEK Platform


Best-in-Class Speech Recognition

Ignite-TEK uses sister company AppTek’s, proprietary ASR/MT solutions which leverage years of R&D experience, innovative technology expertise, intellectual property, and successful solutions. By combining key customer applications with AppTek’s deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies, Ignite-TEK offers its customers a robust and scalable platform unique in the industry.


The AppTek speech recognition engine is made up of a series of acoustic feature extractors, acoustic models, language models, lexicon, decoders, and post-processing which work together to convert sounds to words through machine translation and “confidence scores” of keywords. These acoustic models are trained with deep neural networks (simulations of human neurons with many layers of processing) which helps identify keywords and learn the probability of what word is being spoken.

Built On Modern Approaches

The AS/NLU is platform equipped with Deep Neural Network and GPU technologies utilizing LSMT, seq-to-seq and Hidden Markov Models. Additionally the platform utilizes tandem approach with bottleneck features in Gaussian Mixture Models and HMM / ARPA Language modeling.

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Custom Model Training

Unlike most speech recogntion platforms, the AppTek ASR offers custom models based on audio and lexicon fedback to deliver superior results on a client-by-client basis.

Former Government Technology

The platform was originally built as a government application to quickly and accurately sift through critical conversations with high demands for accuracy.

Machine Translation

Highly accurate, patent-pending speech translation utilizing DNN and SMT technologies supports over 20 languages.


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Bringing it all together.

The Ignite-TEK/AppTek Technology Stack

Ignite-TEK SaaS applications are simple to implement, affordable, and transform customer experiences from transactional to meaningful long-term relationships. Ignite-Tek depends on advanced speech technology and a unique ASR/NLU engine to provide more access points, increased customer engagement, and new platforms for AI-based customer feedback.

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