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Better Business Decisions Afforded By Conversational Analytics

LucidVueCX aggregates and analyzes every customer interaction including voice calls, social media posts, online reviews, and more, across digital and live agent channels. By tapping into the deeper conversations, business executives are offered a 360 degree view of their customer base with opportunities to monitor, analyze and ultimately affect customer conversations to enhance productivity, risk protection and media efficiency.

How We Do It

Extracting Feedback from Free-Form Customer Conversations

Consumers offer feedback and revenue generating ideas with every contact they make. Yet much of this input goes unnoticed or gets lost inside dispostions and siloed KPI's with valuable feedfback falling wayside. LucidVueCX linguistic models automatically analyze new input, patterns, and critical keywords in customer conversations, bringing deeper meaning to shape CX transformation efforts.

Uncovering Critical Data

The LucidVueCX Approach

Get Early Warnings

Automated real-time discovery of target keywords and critical comments from client interactions can serve as "early warning" indicators for shifts in buyer sentiment, behavior, and churn.

Improve Productivity

Convert customer insights into strategies to improve productivity at every level of your business. LucidVueCX monitors trends in customer feedback to help you adapt production, logistics, customer service, digital presence, messaging, and more.

Improve Media Effectiveness

Use LucidVueCX to determine how specific marketing and media campaigns impact the customer journey and conversations with AI/NLU-driven analysis.

(1) Early Warning
(2) Trends
(3) Productivity
(4) Media Association

A platform built by seasoned marketing veterans with countless years of experience understanding customers, how they react, and how best to listen to them.

The LucidVueCX Presentation Layer

Comprehensive Executive Dashboard Delivers Actionable Outputs

LucidVueCX delivers a dashboard focusing on high-level insights followed by relevant topics, trends and individual conversations for a complete view.

Expert Advice
Actionable Results
Deep Drilldown

Get curated consumer insights from expert business analysts.

Managing the resources and overhead to transform the customer experience doesn’t need to be difficult or costly. Ignite-tek provides expert advice to LucidVueCX subscribers to help them maximize service benefits and fully leverage collective customer wisdom. Valuable insights are instantly extracted and delivered to subscribers via simple, visually appealing digital dashboards. Weekly meetings offer users insight into conversational trends that can present new business opportunities.

Actionable Results

Don't just look at the data - take action on it.

LucidVueCX moves you past qualitative decision-making with quantitative fact-based insights into the topics and trends driving positive and negative customer sentiment. Lucid not only makes insights not only actionable, but also measurable, allowing you to test and optimize new ideas and how they further affect the customer base over time.


Dive deep inside conversations and mine content for hidden feedback and trends.

LucidVueCX’s deep dive, drilldown capabilities within mined conversations provides additional insights into ancillary or new topics to show unexpected trends in sentiment and keywords across a wide cross-section of products. Every conversation containing any selection of keywords is available for a deep detailed analysis of KPIs.

LucidVueCX Customer Analytics

Productivity Enhancements from Customer Conversations

LucidVueCX supports multiple organizational verticals to bring real value from the customer conversations already occurring today.

View more Use Cases and Industries to see how LucidVueCX can help your business.


"Our company goal is to have the best overall customer experience, and LucidVueCX has proved an invaluable resource to help meet our goals.”"

- AllStar Marketing

Discover LucidVueCX

What Makes LucidVueCX Different?

Better Speech Recognition

LucidVueCX has the highest quality speech recogntion custom-built with training to improve results further over time.

Easy Setup - No Integration

Lucid is Saas-Based with no telecom, CRM or IT integration required. Simple batch file transfers and you are up and running.

Reduce Manual Labor costs

LucidVueCX uncovers customer interaction data at a fraction of the price of manual labor plus with no upfront costs or commitments.

AWS Marketplace

$0.06 USD

per minute audio

SaaS-Enabled Self-Service

Deploy LucidVueCX on AWS Marketplace.

Want to deploy and manage LucidVueCX customer interaction analytics in the public cloud on your own? Try LucidVueCX on AWS to experience state-of-the-art speech analytics on a pay-as-you-go basis and gather deeper insights into your customer voice.

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LucidVueCX. The Invaluable,Non-Intrusive, Cost-Efficient, Comprehensive, Hassle-Free, Easy-to-Implement customer feedback platform.


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