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Speech On-Demand
Managed Voice Transactions
Inbound Order Inquiries

Speech On-Demand

Voice is an essential component for an omni-channel environment, however the cost of employing live agents is expensive and often times requires timely integration. Ignite-Tek offers a self-serve PCI-Compliant IVR solution with simple integration to capture the incremental transactions afforded by voice.

Marketplace Transactions
Add Ignite-TEK IVR to existing storefronts and marketplaces for incremental customer entry points. Contact us for integration details.
Turn-Key Integration
Simply add SKU's, Prices and Variants and we will map to inventory while providing an automated agent to gently handle each customer transaction.
  • E-Commerce

  • Direct Response

Managed Voice Transactions

Ignite has been the leading consumer acquisition engine for performance-based media buying for its clients, managing over a billion dollars in transactions over the last decade. Let us manage your campaign to get the most out of your media.

Fast Setup
Turn-key implementation connects the dots between media buyers, production, fulfillment, customer care, operations and more to get your campaign running in no time.
Revenue Focused
Ignite offers upsell and cross-sell opportunities while employing A/B Split and multi-variate testing to ensure the maximum revenue from every transaction.
PCI Compliant
Ignite is PCI Compliant and accepts, processes, stores and transmits credit card information in a secure environment to industry standards.
  • Retail

  • Insurance

  • Direct Response

  • Pharma/Health

  • Telecom

Inbound Order Inquires

Today, approximately 30% of customer service calls are simple “Where is my Order” and delivery status inquiries. Reduce unncessary expenses by moving Ignite-TEK’s technology to the front of your customer care calls, we can answer these calls in less than two minutes with the IVR while transferring customer care calls which require a live agent to your existing vendor.

"Where Is My Order" Call Handling
Let our low cost IVR intercept “order status” and “delivery” calls while freeing up your agents and effecHvely managing traffic while providing a beWer customer experience.
Provide Off-Hour Support
8-20% of live agent calls during off-hours can be directed to leave a message, provide order status, delivery date and more.
  • Fulfillment

  • Direct Response

  • Telecom

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