Case Study | Meet Eileen

Legal Counsel, Regulatory Affairs


Eileen is legal counsel for a nutraceutical retailer whose industry is often scrutinized regulatory agencies. While the company is ethical and compliant, there remains the risk of instances where one a small group of consumers could claim their experience was not acceptable. How to prove these claims to be the exception and not the rule? Typically a defense like this would require audits of thousands of calls and at great expense when an AG or BBB picks up the case. How can Eileen quickly and economically prove that this misrepresentation is an anomaly, not how her company does business?


By accessing her Lucidvue CX Speech Analytics dashboard, Eileen can quickly query the data of words in the infraction and apply it to all calls that came into the contact center. By showing the vast majority of calls did not include the same issue, Eileen can prove to a regulatory agency that the problem was with a small percentage and that it does not represent the organization or typical experiences for most buyers. Analyzing the client conversations instead of just the agent on the calls adds to the quality of the data. Eileen can also demonstrate that the number of calls analyzed was much higher than required by law in support of the percentage she quotes for her defense. This information could save the company hundreds of thousands of legal defense dollars.

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