Case Study | Meet Derrick

Customer Experience Director


Derrick created a comprehensive omni-channel for his inbound sales strategy to provide all customers a fast and easy way to buy an invention from his direct response company. While initially offering only a live operator solution to field inbound calls, Derrick found the solution to be not only too expensive, but also noticed a downtick in call-to-sale conversions. Derrick needed to cut some costs while also boosting both sales and revenue per order to correlate to media spends and keep the campaign profitable.


Derrick implemented a conversational interactive voice platform as a secondary response solution for the callers whereby each prospect could either self-serve using the automated order line or opt-out anytime to a live operator with the information already provided to the IVR being retained. In fact, 30% of the time buyers choose not to speak to agents in this configuration, even with the option to do so. The combination of live and speech recognition not only lowers the cost per order, but also improves conversion rates and revenue by providing an option for callers who wish to just quickly place their order with an automated agent instead speaking to a live agent.

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