Case Study | Meet Phil

Compliance Director


Phil’s position is to ensure his direct sales contact center understands and complies with the sales disclosure laws of the products being sold through his contact center. The wide array of products along with limited rep training can sometimes allow false misrepresentations of product costs or central characteristics, or misrepresentation of refund or cancellation policies.


By deploying a voice call to text conversion and analytics engine, Phil can gain quick access to calls in data form on a product or client basis to monitor calls that do and do not include required compliance phrases. For example,   “Was there a confirmation of proper contract length on every sales call?”, “Were customers advised on shipping fees and total order cost?”, “Did anyone miss including the regulatory language for the continuity offer?”, and countless others. Now Phil and his teams can have complete visibility to all calls and reinforce compliance quickly at a fraction of the costs versus most call monitoring platforms.

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