Ignite Media Solutions SaaS-enabled IVR maximizes revenue for business owners by offering inbound voice solutions from both IVR and Live agent hybrid models. The incremental lift achieved lowers costs inside while also giving customers a more consistent buying experience.

Combining technology and expertise to create a better experience for both online merchants and their customers.

Incremental to Digital Results

Voice response provides omni-channel access with more pathways for the ordering process resulting in higher conversion and revenue while improving the branding experience.

Scalable and Dynamic

Platform with scale to grow with its customer base and volume spikes; Dynamic scripting tools offer robust toolset to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Turn-Key Implementation

Simplified UI allows business owners with limited technical knowledge to simply connect any product, add a script, obtain a phone number, and start collecting orders in just a few clicks.

Order Status Calls

Status calls can account for north of 15% of call volume, depending on the status of the product.  On-Demand IVR provides real-time automated order status capabilities for instant customer care.

Delight your customers by giving themcontrol of the buying experience.


Ignite-TEK’s natural language understanding voice platform creates a rich automated buying experience that delights customers while maintaining compliance with every transaction. For the past 10 years, Ignite-TEK has been the leading consumer acquisition engine for performance-based media buyers, driving over $100 million annually in revenue and creating actionable insights for our clients.

  • Speed-to-Market for On-Demand Applications – A simple UI with turn-key fulfillment integration transparently connects the dots between media buyers, production, fulfillment, customer care, operations and more.
  • Media Analysis – Correlate sales to media for deeper analysis of media effectiveness and placement.  Optimize individual campaigns based on media event for ROI improvements.
  • Multi-Lingual SupportPlatform available in Spanish and French; Includes translation, voice talent and application development.

  • Scripting Tools and Optimization – Multi-variate testing for script and call flow optimization offers the ability to improve conversion and revenue per order campaigns.
  • Real-Time Campaign Metrics – Online reporting provides detailed campaign reporting for immediate and transparent access to performance metrics.
  • Reliable Infrastructure – Supported by a reliable redundant network with carrier-level reporting and real-time billing integration.