Get to the core of your conversations with the LucidvueCX customer analytics platform

LucidvueCX is a state-of-the-art automated speech recognition (ASR) / natural language understanding (NLU) platform which analyzes customer conversations and transforms them into actionable events for your customer experience team. Listening to all of your calls would be too costly and inefficient to do manually. LucidvueCX was built with the purpose to uncover all of your customer interactions in a cost-effective manner and transform this data into meaningful and actionable content.

The simple solution for marketing analytics

With LucidvueCX in your contact center, you will be equipped with a dashboard and UI that provides fast and actionable insights. Now you can quickly identify and resolve production issues, enhance marketing feedback, address regulatory concerns, monitor declines in customer sentiment and more by analyzing top keywords and phrases objectively sourced directly from customer conversations.

Improve Regulatory Compliance - Monitor Keyword trends including “broken”, “missing”, “delayed” and others that may signal possible production issues or distribution delays. Monitor high-risk keywords and take immediate action against legal issues and noncompliant customer conversations.

Reduce Call Monitoring Costs - LucidvueCX listens to more calls at a fraction of the cost of dedicated personnel while providing instant access to drill down to individual conversations.

Enhance Marketing Feedback - Receive objective feedback regarding consumer demands, competitor mentions, positive customer testimonials and more for your marketing feedback loop.

Fuel your business with better customer interaction analysis - try LucidvueCX in your contact center and see the difference objective interaction analytics makes to your business.

Uncover key customer interactions buried in your contact center conversations.

The Power of State-of-the-Art ASR/NLU Technology.

LucidCX utilizes proprietary ASR/NLU technology with state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence from Apptek. Ignite-TEK’s sister company Apptek is a 15 year established technology company with roots in government contract with intelligence monitoring and some of the best translation and recognition results in the industry. AppTek is an industry leader in staying in the forefront of technology advancements in machine translation, neural networks and artificial intelligence technologies. LucidCX is one of five providers that use our own technology which allows us to be fast and flexible. The platform listens to natural speech exchanges and categorizes it into text. This engine is customizable and learns and improves over time for each individual application. Our scalable provides a fast solution to immediately begin generating actionable data for you to better protect your brand and customer experience.

Lucid CX is easy to implement and only requires files to be uploaded to a secure FTP for analysis. No integration or hardware required - turn up time is only dependent on the initial files being provided. Once files are uploaded, the secure Lucid CX platform structures these audio recordings into data that is accessible from the Lucid CX dashboard to provide new intelligence directly at your fingertips. Now, managers can quickly identify top keywords and trends with individual call drill-downs for fast information retrieval down to the specific moment a keyword is spoken inside a call.

The LucidCX Difference:

- Powered by proprietary speech recognition technology
- Flexible and fast implementations
- Unlimited scalability
- Evolution of Natural Speech Recognition
- No onsite equipment or integration needed

Unmask Hidden Conversational Gems.

What can you uncover from your conversations?

Create virtual focus groups

Create a virtual focus group from your inbound customer conversations without ever having to ask anyone for feedback. Measure customer satisfaction and improve competitive market research by listening directly to your customer.

Reduce legal risks

Monitor inbound conversations for conversations with a propensity to escalate to a legal matter. By quickly identifying conversations with the words “Attorney”, “Better Business Bureau”, “FTC”, etc, companies can quickly take proactive action before conversations escalate to a legal issue.

Predict Customer Sentiment

LucidCX provides predictive sentiment analysis for each call based on a series of key indicators which measure a customer’s experience and satisfaction. Proprietary algorithms track the temperature of contacts and how best to react with them. Track sentiment against conversation points including price, quality, competitor information and more.

Discover feedback beyond dispositions

While most organizations track call dispositions to sub-categories with three or four identifiers, LucidCX analyzes the channels even further than manual tracking, by identifying and quantifying more detailed data which may lead to more opportunities for revenue or a better customer experience.

Stop spending money on surveys and outbound calling to your clients

Clients contacting brands for information, customer service or placing orders have all the data needed to answer feedback questions. In call analytics find the answers and report them in a quickly usable format. All without the delays and costs of traditional methods.

Analyze business performance

Is your product causing confusion? Are items arriving broken or missing a piece? Are buyers expectations of products from websites and catalogs being when they receive them? Listen to trends directly from customers to get a strong baseline of company performance and tie them to the media messaging used to drive the behaviors observed. Quick feedback allows for campaign adjustments as needed.

Generate a birds eye view

Aggregate customer phone conversations, SMS texts, emails, and social media into a complete and comprehensive view of company performance. Marry conversations and sentiment with marketing campaigns, churn analysis, and more for a complete view to help you optimize marketing regardless of the channel used to provide the information.

Identify behaviors from contacts with your brand

LucidCX will analyze calls and compare all conversations at once. Identifying those that are ideal from patterns and contexts used in engagements. This may then be used to compare with the remainder of calls to determine what trends exist and what patterns need to be continued for success.