Case Study | Meet Amy

Product Marketing Manager


Amy is building product feedback and competitive comparisons for the company’s fitness product to create a future version of the product. While Amy uses social media to gather feedback, she finds the feedback is less about solutions from consumers and more about rants and raves for a public forum. The information she needs to make an intelligent decision about the product and how to make it better is missing from social posts. She knows that emails and customer service calls have good feedback, but the cost to monitor all of that traffic is prohibitive. This means that anything Amy finds from Customer Service is only a sample. This anecdotal data is available but there has been no way to aggregate the feedback. Amy needs a 360 degree view from both on and off line input sources from something more complete that is analytics driven to help power her decision about future marketing campaigns.


By deploying LucidvueCX Speech Analytics, Amy can gather a comprehensive view of customers looking to solve an issue, rather than just post a rant.   By putting all of the calls under the microscope for marketing clues by mining conversations for usable data, Amy can filter though customer conversations and pick out key phrases such as “Do you have this in white?”, “Do you have a version that folds up?”, and “Do you offer a payment plan?” In addition, Amy can reference any mentions of their top competitors and evaluate consumer perceptions of how they stack up against others. Using this data, Amy is able to build a comprehensive picture of actual customer perceptions and put together a stronger product plan using a virtual focus group that can be combined with her current findings from social listening.  She gets more data from more sources.

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