Using the power of the spoken word combined with powerful speech recognition technology, Ignite-TEK gives the customers a voice which can be heard – and businesses a powerful tool to improve how the customer interacts using quantifiable decisions based on customer interactions. 

“Beachbody is focused on providing the best possible experience for our customers.  We strive every day to ensure that we listen to our customer’s needs and to deliver the best in fitness products.  In our ongoing efforts to position ourselves as a customer experience leader in the fitness space, we are pleased to have selected the Lucid CX platform.  With Lucid’s high quality speech recognition technology, we have been able to identify critical keywords and phrases instantly and to assure that our agents are delivering consistent messaging to our consumers.  The platform saved us hours of time in identifying indicators about our customer engagement to insure our message is being received and delivered to highest standards.  We have become even more efficient as a result of LucidVueCX and the result is a better consumer experience for our customers.”


“After we implemented the LucidVueCX platform, AllStar uncovered specific and timely feedback which allowed us to quickly identify and resolve issues related to product quality and logistics.  Additionally, we were able to map the customer journey more effectively by understanding individual experiences and which marketing messages work best.   By quickly accessing customer feedback gathered from emails, posts and calls, we can pinpoint key comments across channels and quickly identify and react before they escalate to bigger issues.  Our company goal is to have the best overall customer experience, and LucidVueCX has proved an invaluable resource to help meet our goals.”

– AllStar Marketing


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