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What’s the ROI for a satisfying customer experience?

ROI can’t be measured simply in revenue or bottom line results. Sometimes, a true ROI can be measured in emotional gratification from a customer’s ability to feel in control of their buying experience. Sometimes, it can be measured by one’s comfort knowing that their voice is being heard, and that their concerns and input are making a difference. Sometimes it’s in knowing the trust one gives to a brand is being reciprocated. And sometimes, ROI can come in the form of a simple smile, one that translates into a deep, positive subconscious link which will bond both customer and brand for a lifetime.

At Ignite-Tek, our mission to to improve the customer experience with technologies that create new insights from customer feedback, boost compliance and revamp inbound customer interactions to put customers in control and coming back for more.

About Ignite-TEK

Ignite-TEK was founded by experienced marketers with a vision to improve every aspect of the buying and feedback loop from performance-based inbound sales solutions to a scalable quality and compliance monitoring platform. Our passion is to deliver an outstanding customer experience.
Inbound Sales Solutions

Create a rich automated inbound buying experience that delights customers, offers consistent quality, maintains 100% compliance and generates more revenue per sale.
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LucidCX Speech Translation Analytics

Analyze feedback from inbound customer service calls by translating conversations into actionable data. Efficiently monitor 100% of your calls and gather more valuable insights with the LucidCX ASR/NLU dashboard.
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