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Who We Are.

Ignite-TEK’s mission is to improve the consumer experience by giving brands 100% access to their customer’s voice. Our technology is designed to generate a complete brand loyalty view for CMOs. Consumer insights gathered from campaigns guide platform actions, resulting in a more natural experience and more informed marketing decisions.

About Us

Delivering a Better Customer Experience.

Most consumers don’t like to answer survey questions.  More and more surveys go ignored with survey rate responses rapidly declining to less than 4% participation rate. Companies need a new strategy to get to the heart of their customer’s voice with a better experience.  Lucid’s technology compiles what customers are saying from phone calls, posts, emails, chats and in marketplace reviews and transforms that data into invaluable marketing feedback.  The platform compliments traditional PR solutions including focus groups, surveys and polls.  The result delivers objective information to CMOs without the high cost of labor to collect data from 100% customer conversations.    Lucid’s SaaS-based technology makes collection of feedback a transparent experience for better feedback.

Case Studies
“Customer experience is the next competitive battlefield.”